Christmas and dress shopping

imageimageSo this is what it looks like when two twits got Christmas shopping. And in spite of all this foolishness, we had a great day. We got some wonderful gifts. And we fit in a delightful lunch with Joanne. And we went dress shopping for New Years Eve.

And that is where I learned major lessons. They weren’t much fun but then, I can’t remember ever having grown through having an easy time of it.

We started out at the Bay. The first thing I learned is that Simon is brilliant at seeing styles that flatter me. The second is that it has been many years since I shopped for a dress and I was not prepared.

I was not prepared physically: note to self: when shopping for a dress, it’s a good idea to wear appropriate underwear (bra) and maybe actual dressy shoes rather than light hikers, hiking socks and leggings. Also, it doesn’t do one bit of good to have severe hat hair and not a stitch of makeup.

But there were other lessons as we plowed through the Bay and then Catwalk and Damsels: the lighting in dressing rooms is less than flattering. Also, I am old enough to admit that no light is going to flatter me. I am not going to look good in bare arms and low necklines. Just. Not.

And that made me very sad. Suddenly I looked and saw every single one of my 69 years. For more than a decade I have celebrated my body. I have loved it and appreciated it because it does everything I want it to do. It never aches or gives me a moment’s worth of pain. It’s strong and healthy and hikes up a mountain for hours without complaint. Today, standing in a stupid dress store, I felt embarrassed about my body. It had wrinkles and sags. It wasn’t young. I so want to look pretty and beautiful for Simon. That 20 year age gap suddenly loomed huge.

I told him how I felt as we began the long drive home. And this beautiful, amazing man, did everything and said everything he could to reassure me. For the most part, he did. But I know this is also something I will have to process a bit longer in my heart. I have to wrap my soul fully around myself and fall in love with my body all over again, not just because it is strong and healthy and fit, but also because  it is beautiful in ways that society generally does not measure beauty. I believe my love when he tells me I am beautiful. I believe it because I know he would never lie to me.

And so I have some processing to do. I have big trust that I am capable of coming out the other end stronger and better. I have such amazing support. And I, with Simon at my side, will hop back into the fray. We are going to find an amazing dress that is perfect for me – and New Years Eve is going to be wonderful.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I am going to spend the day baking Christmas treats in the kitchen.  One more thing in life to look forward to. That and beating Simon at a game of Scrabble. That game is about to start in three, two one…..

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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8 Responses to Christmas and dress shopping

  1. Romaine Windley says:

    Beautiful honesty. Beautiful writing. The power of true love trumps any wrinkle or sag. You two are adorable and inspiring. Merry Christmas to you both as you float around on that magic carpet of bliss. xox Romaine

  2. Linda Knight says:

    Goody – an inspiration to many:
    Your writing is beautiful, raw, honest – and it challenges me to be true to myself.
    Your hiking is beautiful, real, strong – and it challenges me to get up the mountains even if I’m tired.
    Your photography is beautiful ,motivational, artistic – it challenges me to see the beauty in the world around us and to try to capture and share it through my lens.
    You are beautiful – your dress will be beautiful – you will look beautiful in it – but I think what will outshine everything is the smile on your face and the twinkle in your eye – now that is beauty!!
    Have a terrific evening!! Dance the night away!! Have aHappy New Year!!

  3. goodyniosi says:

    Oh, Linda. You made me cry (in a good way). Thank you for seeing me like this. Love you tons. You have described a person I strive to be every day. Huge hugs to you.

  4. susan thompson says:

    I am 50, and my husband is 54, but he looks much younger than I do. For women, aging will always be a much harder issue than for men. But when I look at you, at your pictures, I see so much beauty! And to possess a body that can hike for hours with no pain…my God!! I live with chronic pain. I have RA, and a pituitary disorder that causes me to stay large. How I would kill to live a week in your body. Even a day! So graceful, so lithe and fragile yet full of strength. A body a man can pick up and whisk away to the bedroom. 😉 Ankles so slim and yet able to climb mountains! A face that radiates health, love and inner peace. You are beautiful.

    Both of us are blessed to be loved without reserve, and to know true happiness. Our ages do not define us. Our bodies do not define us! I am sorry I will not know you, but I wish you and Simon every bit of happiness that you can muster! Susan

  5. susan thompson says:

    I am still binge-reading your blogs when I saw your reply here. I have never followed a blog. I guess I am just a product of my age. (50) It feels decadent and a bit shameful-like I’m sneaking a peek at someone’s secret diary- and yet I cannot stop myself. Do you mind me inside your head this way? I do so wish we were friends. I have always toyed with the idea of writing about how I lived through an accident that caused quadriplegia, learned to walk again, now fighting RA and other issues, etc. but the thought of all re-hashing all that drama just makes me tired. 🙂 I would rather read your words, smile and remember the process of falling in love with my own amazing man all over again! This my 3rd marriage, so I too have seen some heavy action in the love wars. Happy 2016!

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