More on Forbidden Plateau


Right. I have discovered something important about Simon: he is the most distracting thing (love that word “thing” – covers it all) I’ve ever had in my life. I’m just not getting anything done! Not that I need to get things done, of course, now that I am gainfully unemployed. But the days just seem to slip by and before I know it it’s late afternoon – how did that happen?

All we did today was wake up (okay – so that part took a while), eat breakfast and then go uptown to Canadian Tire. By the time we got back it was time to fold laundry (I don’t even want to explain why that took three times as long as it normally does. Okay, so it had something to do with Simon wanting to know how I fold things so that he could do it and then him not quite believing that I had a different “rule” for folding each separate item. Ummmm), and then lunch and a walk with the dogs – and here we are – almost time to feed the dogs and head down to his place. Holy Schnikeries! (Thanks, Wendy – great expletive!)

But let’s back up a bit and return to Forbidden Plateau. We had a truly wonderful snowshoe – until we started heading back after lunch and Sandra noticed that a big chunk was missing from Simon’s brand new snowshoes! Soon after that, pieces began cracking off like bits of peanut brittle (Simon’s apt analogy) until one of them finally split right in two! And these were MSR Denalis – the most reputable snowshoe company I know of!

We headed straight back to Atmosphere to return them, wondering how they would treat us. Well, they were awesome! They were also shocked! Imagine, an MSR falling apart! Simon ended up with a new upgraded pair and warm, good feelings about how well we had been taken care of, especially by Colin – super employee!

So – it ended up being a wonderful day! Even though Simon left his gloves and brand new liners on top of the car in the parking lot at Forbidden. And I’ll let you imagine what happens to gloves on car roofs once the vehicle starts moving.

But it’s all fine – we got new gloves today at Canadian Tire at a price that was just plain silly good. All is well – more than well.

Or – almost more than well. There was an incident during the night involving Simon and a lampshade in bed – yes, in bed. But I should probably say no more about that. At some point, even I leap forward to embrace a teensy bit of discretion. This will be one of those rare times.

Did I mention that I love and adore this man? Anyway?


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