Mount Prevost and more


I woke up this morning in the arms of the most beautiful man in the world – so after a start like that, my day couldn’t be anything but perfect.

Abby and I met up with Penny, Heather and Debbie at the trailhead to Mount Prevost and we headed up. I was amazed that I had as much energy as I did! Hurrah! Penny found a new trail that bypassed the eroded top section – lovely find. However, hiking up took us through some interesting weather zones.

First, it was warm and a touch damp – we de-layered quickly. Then, somewhere along the way, it got colder – and then colder – and then we were wrapped in a cloud – beautiful mist. And then, after the last steep uphill section – snow! Lovely, or so we thought. But we still had a last climb to the exposed top – Wind! Hail! More wind!


At that point we went with plan B, which involved hasty snacks and beating a retreat down the mountain. Nope – no stroll or picnic lunch at the top, not this time!

We booted it down and got back to the cars about 4 and a bit hours after starting.

The rest of the day? A nap, a bubble bath, warm, cuddly fresh clothing, talking to Simon on the phone (just now – sigh).


And I plan on doing some more editing on his wonderful, fabulous book tonight.

Life, as I just said to the love of my life (LOMYL), is perfect, except for one thing – my bed is going to be big and empty tonight.

And, it’s a wonderful thing to miss someone, when the missing is also full of joy – not pain and anxiety. This is a new thing for me – so many new things in my life. The newest is this love – I never knew that love cold be pure joy and happiness. Now I know. And all I can say is, “I am blessed.”P1070597_Fotor P1070598_Fotor P1070599_Fotor P1070600_Fotor P1070602_Fotor P1070603_Fotor P1070604_Fotor P1070605_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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