Momentous Day


One word for today: change.

I have been mulling the idea of giving up work for some time now – I think you’ll know that if you’ve been following along.

Today, I was sitting in Simon’s home, watching the reflections wavering in the water while he was at the gym. I had no distractions. I had already taken the dogs for a good hike and they had gone to their respective corners to nap. And so I say with a hot mug of ginger tea in my hands, thinking. I like to consider each day as it dawns – what do I do today? Does it feel right? Am I doing what is right to do today?

Today the answer was no. Because part of what was on my agenda was organizing articles for the paper – articles to be written later in the week and into next week. I mulled. And I realized, with complete clarity, that it was time to quit.

I had no question, no doubts – simple certainty.

After a wonderful lunch at The Garage, and soon after getting home, I sent that email. At the same time (almost simultaneously) I read an email from a business coach in Vancouver who praised some work I had recently completed for her client – the email was some of the highest kudos I have ever received for my work. I was so humbled (really – that’s the word) and yet so happy, that I immediately had to call Simon to share what I had done.

This is the other blessing in my life: when good things happen that I can’t contain inside, I now have a person to share those things with, knowing he is probably just as happy about them as I am. I am crazy blessed.

And so, here I am in the crepuscular light of day, feeling almost overwhelmed with happiness and a deep, deep peace.

I am making choices in my life that are the right ones – the good ones – the ones I embrace with all my heart.

There is only one more thing I want to accomplish today: a hot bubble bath – a quiet time to contemplate the joy that has entered my life – and to consider how I am going to sprinkle that fairy dust around the world.


About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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