Century Sam


Today was just all about a great hike up to Century Sam Lake – with a great group of people.

I especially liked meeting Rod – we went at it hammer and tongs for the first bit of the drive along the logging road, arguing about prescription drugs and drug testing. Here’s what was wonderful – as we talked, we found more and more common ground, until we found ourselves agreeing much more than disagreeing. We ended up hiking together for a good bit of the way and discovered that we had tons in common – and I really, really like him!

As I said at the time, I wish our politicians could manage to find common ground the way we did.

So – the hike – very, very slippery. Discovery: the treads on my boots are done! (slipping and falling all over the roots and rocks). Happily, Rod gave me directions to a great local guy who can replace my soles! I will be seeing him this week!

Other thoughts: well, hiking is the best thing on earth. (are you surprised to hear me say that?)

I feel so deeply connected to the earth – and to this super group of people. And now I am hugely excited for tomorrow’s hike.

Meanwhile, enough of all this writing – here are the photos: enjoy!P1060916_Fotor P1060925_Fotor P1060930_Fotor P1060931_Fotor P1060933_Fotor P1060937_Fotor P1060938_Fotor P1060943_Fotor P1060954_Fotor P1060955_Fotor P1060957_Fotor P1060958_Fotor P1060960_Fotor P1060964_Fotor P1060965_Fotor P1060968_Fotor P1060969_Fotor P1060974_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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