The Philosophy Behind my Vote


Maybe it’s because I am reading The Wu Li Masters – or maybe it’s just because I am inclined to ponder as I walk – but my mind has been focussing quite strongly on philosophy lately – at least, what I call philosophy. It encompasses all of life, really. I have always wanted to know the why of things. In my work, when I interview people, I know that the most important question I can ask that will yield the real story, is “why?”

And so, to pull it back to voting and politics, I am voting Green because it fits with my philosophy, which is to move toward what I love rather than away from what I do not want in my life.

Earlier today, I wrote an email to a friend, saying that I believe love is the glue that holds the world together. So I pondered this as I walked with Abby in the woods. The very old adage had it that the opposite of love is hate. The more popular and recent thought is that the opposite of love is apathy. That’s closer, but I don’t think it’s accurate either.

I believe the opposite of love is disconnect.

Let me take this farther. Physics and many branches of philosophy have shown that everything is connected, from the macro to the micro scale. I believe that we are certainly connected. The more connected to something or someone I feel, the more I love that person or creature or thing. I hardly need to say that I feel intensely connected to nature, and the mountains in particular. And, of course, I love them dearly. I want to be closer to those people and things I feel connected to. Some things I am connected to I feel really passionate about.

I feel connected to people and things I share values with. When I can look at someone as they are expounding a point of view, and I can say, “me too!” I feel profoundly connected.

And so we come to politics. In the best of all possible worlds, we would educate ourselves and vote for the party or person we feel most closely connected to. We would read the party platforms, listen to the candidates, and give our vote to the one whose values most closely match our own.

When I hear people talk about strategic voting, I know there is something going on that is not going to work. I am quite, quite certain that the Law of Attraction is something very real. I have experienced its effects throughout my life. And it’s no great mystery. The law simply states that thought precedes action. What you think about the most is what you get in your life. Consciously or unconsciously, you’re going to take actions to get more of what you focus on. (let me tell you about my stash of chocolate at home!)

Now it seems to me that there is a great deal of focus on the Conservative Party – more specifically, the leader, Stephen Harper. I don’t care if you can’t stand him – keep focussing on him (as in strategic voting to get him out) and you’re going to have more of him. Tath’s just how it works.

I choose to focus on where my values lie and where my heart lives. I have read the Green Party platform. I believe in everything it stands for from social justice issues to equality issues. to (most importantly) environmental issues. I am going to put my focus and my vote there because I believe in furthering connections and in going with love.

Philosophically, in the broader picture, we are all connected. Whether we feel that connection with everything and everyone or not, we simply are connected. In my perfect world, I would grow to love everyone and everything and work to strengthen every connection I have (which is a connection with all life). This is a challenge. Can you imagine wanting a connection with Hitler?

And yet – he is a human life and we are connected.

I could take this a step farther, eliminate the concept of time (which is, after all, just a human construct) and talk about how everything that is happening and has happened is happening right now and I (you) am creating it in present time.

But I won’t go there today.

Still, if love really is the glue that holds it all together, because, after all, love is connection, then it would behoove me to embrace every living thing on this planet. Tall order. Very tall.

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