About my Vote


With such a long campaign before voting Oct. 19, I’ve already had quite a bit of time to think about which way to vote.

My first thought was, “Anything but Harper.” I actually clung to that for quite a while. I thought strategic voting was the way to go – and it wouldn’t be the first time I have voted strategically. After all, this is traditionally an NDP enclave – may as well go for that.

But then I listened to quite a few friends of mine who argued for voting Green. And, I always told them, I would except for the fact that I feared splitting the vote and I couldn’t bear it if Harper got in again. But I do identify with the Green Party platform. First, I like their moderate and reasoned view of things. I like that they don’t go all negative and attack-ad style. I like the intelligence of Elizabeth May, the leader. She is, without a doubt, the best Parliamentarian we have in Ottawa – in fact, even her opposition colleagues have said as much. She shone in the MacLean’s debate.

Most importantly, however, this is about more than Canada: this is a vision for the planet. Our world population is too large and our problems too huge to take an insular national view. Anything that changes now has to be done on a global scale – and globally, nothing threatens this planet more than man and man-induced habitat destruction and climate change. This is certainly not the Green’s only plank in its platform – far from it – but they realize the importance of this.

Today, we must transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy – there is no planet B. We must value all life. I believe one of the biggest issues facing mankind is the belief that some lives are worth more than others.

We must change – not just from our fuel sources and how we extract them – but our systems that leave the majority of the world in poverty while a tiny few have so much wealth they don’t even know how to spend it.

So – about my vote – what I know is that if I vote strategically, I will be casting my vote “against” something – not “for” something. Voting against never works – it’s a negative. It’s energy is quite sad.

I am going to vote for what I love. I have a vision of peace across the land – of friendship among peoples – of nations helping each other – of the wealthy reaching out a helping hand and lifting others up. I have a vision of a green planet and a green economy where every living creature is valued and treated with kindness.

The closest I can come to this vision in this election is to vote Green.

I am going to vote for what I love.

I believe it is the right thing to do.

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25 Responses to About my Vote

  1. Sjeng says:

    Well said. If people do not vote for what they want, how do they expect to get there?

  2. Edna Chadwick says:

    Beautifully said and my thoughts exactly 🙂

  3. Lynne Alton says:

    Thank for this very thoughtful, powerful reply. Your vision made my cry!

  4. jerome says:

    I agree vote for what you love the + side is its not Harpor

  5. Voting Green IS strategic!

  6. Rosilyn says:

    Thank you for expressing so eloquently what I feel in my heart. Since when have we all become strategists? We are citizens . If our vote is fear based, then we give away our power. This is a time of affirmative action. We need to vote for what we value and hold in the highest regard.

    • Annie J says:

      I agree with you and this eloquent response…..100%. My vote is evergreen this time around. Courage and integrity all the way. Proportional representation. A better democracy where all minorities have a voice. Sustainability. Let the green revolution begin.

  7. Kate Pinsonnault says:

    I went through the same thought process. But then I wondered, “How are you going to feel if your green vote results in a Conservative MP elected and another 4 years of Harper?” This would destroy Canada as we know it. I can’t bear the thought of this happening. This time around, to save our country, our environment, our values, I am voting strategically.

  8. Shirley g says:

    I too will be voting strategically this time around. Not to do so will be the demise of the Greens….
    This country is broken. A vote for Tom Mulcair is a vote for proportional representation and, therefore, a vote of confidence that there will be a real chance for the Greens next go round.

  9. Andrea says:

    The only thing missing here is Elizabeth May’s point that getting a much higher proportion of Canadians out to vote (First Nations people, youth, the disenfranchised) will make strategic voting unnecessary! And there are plenty of organizations right now working with her premise in mind. Strategic voting is way too complicated to work, imo.

  10. “Strategic” voting isn’t strategic. There is no strategy. You just vote for something you don’t believe in, in the hope of keeping out something you beieve in even less. And then what? Surely a strategy would have a next step – but there isn’t one. If it works, you get a goverrnment that you don’t believe in, and the prospects of getting what you do beleve in are crushed because you and all your fellow “strategic” voters didn’t vote for it. If anything, “strategic” voting is about getting involved in someone else’s strategy for ensuring that your voice continues to not be represented in parliament.

    • montecomeau says:

      Not entirely, In this case we get a government (NDP) that is much Greener than the PC’s. Sometimes you need to move an inch at a time and not a mile.

    • Greg Sabo says:

      Exactly. Strategic voting, just doesn’t work. There is no logic in voting for something you don’t want in the hopes that something you really don’t want will not happen. When I see former free thinking activists desperately clinging to such flawed logic I feel bad for them. They are jumping on an anti-green bandwagon while supporting NDP propaganda. Vote for what you believe in and you will feel good about not abandoning your integrity.

  11. michael says:

    well , that’s 1 conscious voter , only a few million more to go in the next couple weeks and we’ll see the kind of positive change we’ve been badly needing for so long…..

    • goodyniosi says:

      good points, Michael

      • michael says:

        oh wow i made other comments last night that actually matter with information in them and the mods aren’t approving them even though they approved the 2 you can currently see on the page , this is why there should never be comment approvals on anything ever…..

  12. Gary says:

    Great blog post. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Valerie Massy says:

    Great article. Thank you for your perspective. I want to vote for the person who best represents my beliefs and who has the most opportunity to influence change in Ottawa. What I do know for sure, is that the idea that Harper may get in again, makes me weep.

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