Fun with Simon


I probably overuse the word “lovely” as well as the word, “wonderful.” But I’m afraid they are the first to come to mind, once again today. Because, truthfully, my hike with Simon today was both lovely and wonderful. First, I love his dog – and Abby loved her too. Second, the weather was wonderful – a warm, September day with a bit of overcast as well as glowing sun. We did the Westwood Ridges and threw in Roberts Roost as well, which gave us about 4.5 hours of really nice hiking with splendid views, especially from the top of Roberts Roost where we could face towards Benson and away from the city.

But most of all, it was delightful to reconnect with Simon who I have not seen in years. I admit though, that as we talked (and we talked a mile a minute for the full 4.5 hours!) I got very tired of saying “me too!” on a range of subjects that included religion, politics, favourite books, philosophy and life after death. Yup – the trivial stuff.

The entire day left me feeling blessed and grateful just to be alive – and to know such a wonderful person, and to know we will be hiking together again.


Life is full of these unexpected gifts. I consider myself fortunate indeed to actually realize how lucky I am to have someone like Simon in my life again.P1060667_Fotor

P1060668_Fotor P1060669_Fotor P1060670_Fotor P1060676_Fotor P1060675_Fotor P1060674_Fotor P1060673_Fotor P1060671_Fotor

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