Snakes and ladders


No – you never will see a photo from yesterday’s hike. Wy not, you may well ask. Well, because I did something really stupid. First I forgot to pack my camera (this was the smartest thing I did yesterday). Then, in order to take any photos at all, I tucked my iPhone into my jacket pocket – the jacket that I have not waterproofed for a while and that is summer weight and therefore not the most Gore-texed jacket I won.

What I am saying is that water soaked into and through my jacket. At one point, I thought, Hey! I should move my phone into my backpack. It’s probably getting wet. And then I thought, ah, not that wet surely!

Yes, it did get that wet. When I got home and tried to transfer my photos to my computer, all I got was a dead black screen. I tossed the phone into my rice bin. Took it out this morning – nothing doing. Then I foolishly plugged it in to charge it. Anyone with half a brain will tell you that’s a pretty sure way to short it out. I did it anyway.

Then I drove down to the Virgin booth at Woodgrove. He sent me to the repair shop, where the man told me that my phone was dead. Off I went to The Source. And yes, I came home with a new iPhone on a two-year plan, which means I will be paying $16 more per month than I was. Still – not so bad. And yes, my phone was wet. When the guy took my sim card out, it was soaked. Still.

So I had a good think about the extra money and recalled in the deep dark depths of my brain, that I have been considering calling Shaw for some time to see if I can’t save some money on what I consider to be a rather high home phone/Internet bill. I called and the helpful people analyzed my needs and brought my bill down by almost $30.

All in all, in the game of ups and downs, I think I came out ahead today. So, good for me!

It all works out in the end.

The weather forecast is till good for this weekend. I think I’m pretty set to head up the mountain. Abby’s care is booked, I have food – it’s going to be exciting.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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