An unexpected day and hike


What an interesting day! And I really do think I mean that in a good way. I learned lots. And I had experiences I didn’t expect to have.

It all started off as planned: left Abby behind and headed off to the meeting place at about 6.45 a.m. Pat, Grace and Debbie were there and Debbie got into my car – off we went to Strathcona. And that went well, until one of my rear tires blew out just south of Courtenay. And I do mean “blew” – not just a flat.

I pulled off to the broad shoulder and called BCAA – and everything worked so smoothly it was amazing. I didn’t even have my BCAA card with me. They found me on the computer, pinpointed my location and told me a tow truck would be on its way – which it was after two more calls confirming it was coming. Ted from Bowser arrived and in mere minutes had my bad tire off and my donut on. That meant I had to drive very slowly on the inside route back to Nanaimo. Happily, I have a great relationship with the guys at the Old Victoria Road Kal Tire.

They took a look and assured me they would take great care of me. At this point, it was only noon. Well, I said, let’s hike while the tire is being changed. Off we went to the Westwood Ridges, which Debbie had never done – and we hiked for almost four hours. It was a great day. We had a super lunch with a view. In other words, it all worked out perfectly. And I knew I didn’t have to worry about Abby because she was being well looked after by Patty.

I picked up the car, paid half price for a new tire because they only charged me for wear on the tread, and then headed home.

It was when I got back shortly before 5 and opened the door that I got suspicious. The leash was still where I had left it and Abby was immensely eager to get out and pee. Then she rushed back upstairs because she was even more eager for her dinner.

It was only just now that I found out that Patty had forgotten about Abby and my little girl had been inside all day – no pee this morning before I left – in fact, no outside at all since yesterday at 3 p.m. The fact that she held it all that time stuns me.

I just dashed out to the field when Patty told me so that Abby could also poo – because she would never do that near the house.

So, today I learned that when life hands you lemons you can make amazingly delicious lemonade. I also learned that Abby has stunning self-control. And I just learned that sometimes, when you grab a wasp to get it back outside, it might sting. (ouch!)

Oh yes – I also met another new Take a Hike member who lives almost around the corner from me – and she’s awesome!

I don’t think this could possibly have been a better day!P1060517_Fotor P1060519_Fotor P1060520_Fotor P1060521_Fotor P1060523_Fotor

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