This is about as perfect a day as possible that doesn’t involve hiking. It was just one of those lovely days full of delights, most involving people. 

We started with a walk by the lake before checking out and getting on the train. So here are some of our morning views:


As usual, the Swiss trains ran and connected like clockwork, which makes sense given that the Swiss are known for exemplary clocks. And this time I got a few shots of the extraordinary engineering feats on this train line – a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

And so we arrived in Zurich, immediately found our airport shuttle, quickly dropped off our suitcases and took the train to town. Zurich is a far more awesome city than I remember it from more than 30 years ago. The streets are cosmopolitan and alive with life. We walked the famous Bahnhoffstrasse and found all three chocolate shops, including the Holy Grail: the Teuscher shop, where I bought only two dark bars – only two because I didn’t totally want to break the bank. While we were there, we wee offered a complimentary champagne truffle. If the chocolate I bought was even half as good, I am going to be in heaven! Here are Julie and I in the shop. 

Then we were about to take a streetcar to Ellen’s hostel when she opped up right in front of our eyes. Excellent. We had the best time spending our last evening together. We wandered through the old town, Julie bought more chocolate – a lot more chocolate. And if you’re thinking maybe a dozen more bars, you may have to revise that thinking. I have a few Swiss Francs left. They will disappear at the airport before I board the plane. Guess what I am going to spend them on. 

One of the finest things about this trip has been the people. The Swiss people we encountered were kind, friendly, helpful. Just a joy to know. Even this evening on our way back from town, we encountered a charming lady who we chatted with all the way back on the train. And at dinner, Ellen also facilitated a wonderful conversation, which I smith brought tears very close to my eyes. It was an exercise in appreciation of each other and really letting that appreciation show. I know that Julie and I both feel that we made a truly amazing new friend in Ellen. Travelling with these two remarkable women as helped me grow in many ways. My life is richer and deepe and fully for having spent the set two weeks with the. So, not only was it a wonderful and wonder filled hiking holiday, it was a Los a process of learning,stretching and growing. I feel blessed. 

And, I am happy to return to my “regular” life- a life that is rich and blessed. 

I will sign off for tonight with a couple of photos of this rather charming city


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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Zurich

  1. Ellen says:

    And, our wonder guide has retired.😀 You made our Switzerland trip a truly lifetime experience. I am well equipped to navigate my way around the Swiss mountains because of you. Now I just have to learn to navigate my way in the beautiful cities. Until we journey again. Auf wieder sehen.

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