Piz Bernina and more


I’m going to start at the beginning of an amazing day, namely with the sunrise view from my hotel window. And now, let’s carry on. We took the cable car up to Furtchellas and then a long and winding trail toward Fur old Surlej, also known as the high pass into the next valley, home to Pontresina. So, here’s what is truly amazing about this pass. You hike up and up and even as you see the hut at the top, it’s really no big deal: just a hut/restaurant with what appears to be just sky beyond. Then you step up to the high point of the pass and it’s like someone draws back a curtain a reveals this – all at once. 

And then of course, you say wow, and if you’re anything like me, you get a tear in your eye and you find it hard to talk. So, instead, you take a dozen or more photos. 


Next – a hike that curved around high above the valley to Lac de Verdret, with the amazing massif always in our line of vision and always getting closer and closer. 

I am resisting posting too many photos because I am sure they are all so similar, but we hiked it, and we know how each one is just slightly different and slightly more wonderful than the last


Okay, enough! I am trying to exercise some discipline here! I know it was almost 2.30 by the time we had hiked down to the lake for lunch. We found the most beautiful little beach by this glacier fed lake. Julie, and Elle (brave souls) stuck there feet in the water and insisted it was. Dry refreshing. I, on the other hand, just ate the best sandwich I had ever had in my entire life, fresh from our local bakery. Words can’t describe how good. But then that’s the thing with all the food in Switzerland – superlative, every last bit of it. At any rate, here are the two sort-of mermaids, perched on their rock by the lake:

and here is the wonderful lake:

And so we walked back down the valley to Pontresina – a really pretty walk. I had to exert huge discipline not to turn around every few minutes to look back behind me at the massif. But there was plenty of beauty everywhere so, yes, I just kept on taking photos. 

Nine hours after setting out we made it to the bus/train station in Pontresina where we caught the bus back to St. Moritz. Then the adventure began. We got on our bus to Sils Maria. It seemed pretty crowded, what with a family heaving on a few huge suitcases, several babies, strollers and other paraphernalia. No matter, the bus driver crammed everything on and stuck some things in the aisle. A few people had to stand but all seemed well. There are at least 8 or more stops between St. Moritz and Sils. More people got on. More people got on with small children, strollers and backpacks. At one station about half a dozen people began to cram into the front door and at least twice that many at the back. Can’t be done I thought. By this time babies were crying and being passed around and I was holding a lady’s grocery shopping on my lap. Anything to help out right? Especially when the grocery bags contains fresh blueberries !  The bus driver crammed everyone and their baggage on the bus. No, I do not know how he did it. What I do know that everyone was of extremely good cheer and everyone did his and her best to lend a helping hand. A truly extraordinary and delightful way to end the dAy. 

One last thing, Ellen throw in a few comments last night about a baby and a Swiss wrestler. She believes I may be leaving a few important facts out of my posts. Well, I said, I can’t be expected to remember everything!  Then I gave her carte Blanche to add anything she likes to the comment section of my posts. This may ha e been a mistake. Stay tuned. 

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  1. Ellen says:

    I once sat around with a group of friends and we discussed what our “best day ever” would look like. We all said, fresh air, physical activity, good food and time with good friends and….. Something random happening that you did not plan or foresee. That bus ride was fun! Seeing and being part of the good humour of all those people who surrounded that big family with lots of babies, strollers and massive suitcases. So, again Goody, “best day ever”.

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