Today was such a highlight of a hike, I hardly know where to start. I had tired for this hike last year but was rained out of the major portion of it. Today we were blessed with relatively cool weather (great for hiking) and lots of sunshine. After a 10 minute or shorter bus ride we started uphill through some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire Engadine. Our first destination was the Lughin Pass – famous because it is the only watershed in Europe where the waters run in three directions: the North Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Of course we had to take photos. (Correction – I had to take photos. 

But let me quickly backtrack. Before we even reached the pass, we skirted around a stunningly beautiful lake – lake Lughin obviously. 

And highland cattle of all things

And so much beautiful scenery it was almost impossible to absorb

As we climbed higher, the terrain grew barer but also perhaps even more beautiful in its own way. I want to show everything on this blog, but I took 90 photos today – how do I begin to choose what to show?

At the pass, a small monument marked the triple watershed – so of course a photo op

And I feel a strong need to explain the next photo – something about a getting ready to pee pose into the little water filled indentation on the marker. Happily, Ellen did not follow through, although the thought of our pee flowing into three different oceans was briefly intriguing. 

With that tomfoolery taken care off, we set off for the top. There was some scrambling and some interesting drop-offs. Nothing scary though (at least not this year – a year or two ago, I would have been pretty uncomfortable. I love that my comfort zone keeps edging up thanks to the people I hike with). 

Ellen is so strong and has such comfort scrambling, that it gives me tremendous comfort as I follow her. And follow her both Julie and I did – right to the top. 

And, yes, we signed the summit register and took photos. Yay us!

We were at about 2700 metres. And then we headed back to the lake where we had a lovely, yummy lunch in a warm meadow. 

And then back down most of the way until e hit the Via Engadina trail, which hugged the side of the ridge all the way back to Sils Maria. I love this trail for several reasons. First, it’s beautiful, filled with scenery so stunning that the film, “Heidi” was shot here way back in the 50s I believe. And second, it is home to two tiny villages that are hundreds of years old (I have been told 800) and are still inhabited. They are not museums – just real places where people live. I remember how taken I was by these last year and was pleased that Ellen and Julie loved them as much as I do. 


8.5 hours after setting out, we got back to Sils Maria. And yes, it ranks up there as one of our top three hikes so far. Now I would get excited about our hike tomorrow, but the food in the restaurant here is so good that I can’t possibly think about hiking when my entire brain is filled with thoughts of dinner. In fact, breakfast,lunch and dinner. I’m really not sure about this, but I suspect it is altogether possible that this tiny little village tucked away in the Upper Engadine valley has the best food and chefs in the world. 


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  1. Ursula says:

    We love your pictures. I can/t believe how happy our “Heidis” look.

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