Faulhorn and Schynigge Platte


This was our ride to the trailhead today. Instead of sending two hours hiking up through the forest, we opted for the bus to Waldspitz. And then we set off. I’d hoped for a bright, clear, sunny day, because this is one of the highlight hikes of the area. Alas, it was not to be. On the plus side, it was cool (and downright cold at times)’ which made the uphill, and, in fact, the entire hike, a lot easier. And it didn’t rain. And the terrain was still wonderful. 

We got to the top about 3 hours after setting out – about 2600 metres. 


I did my best, as the designated tour guide, to point out where the lake would have been if we could have seen it. I also waved in the general direction of huge mountains and rugged peaks. What we got was clouds. Well, we also had critters and enough clearing wisps of clouds to appreciate some of the beauty. 


Once at the top of the Faulhorn and a quick snack, we headed along the ridge to the Schynigge Platte, a hike of about 4 hours through a huge cloud but with occasional glimpses of the rugged mountains surrounding us. 


We had lunch perched high in a rock amphitheatre, kept hiking, saw an alpine fox, reminded each other of all the questions we had that we should Google when we got back but knew we would forget to, chatted with lovely people and, for a brief while, watched the clouds roll back and reveal real mountain beauty. 


At Schynigge Platte, we caught a ride down on the cutest little old cogwheel train ever – and then back to Grindlewald. We got back rather late, so I dashed up to the room for my shower, changed into warmer clothes and uploaded my photos. Then I dashed back to the lobby to Facebook and blog. I was about halfway through this post when something struck me: something I forgot. For the first time in my memory, I actually forgot to eat my after- hike chocolate. Well, naturally, I panicked. While my next photo uploaded, I sprinted across the yard and up to our room, grabbed the good goods and dashed back, Julie looking puzzled. Forgot the chocolate, I explained. I am sure she understood the seriousness of the situation. I can now report that I have consumed a reasonable amount given the strenuous efforts of the day. And I am feeling much better. 

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Faulhorn and Schynigge Platte

  1. susi lutz says:

    Kudos to you Goody, for all your amazing pictures and posts! It has been so wonderful to follow your daily adventures. What a treat …. Ellen (my sister) doesn’t usually carry a camera. Because of you, now she has an epic diary of her trip!
    P.S. I can’t stop laughing at the picture of Ellen with the cows:) Sooo funny!
    Thank-you for doing this.
    Happy Trails,

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