And this is the view from the lovely Hotel Sonnenberg in Grindelwald. It’s as charming as ever. We had a nice, slow start to the day and didn’t get on the train until 9.30. Then we missed our connection to Grindelwald and had to wait half an hour for the next train. And why did we miss our connection? Good question. Let me give you the long answer. 

You see, Julie bought a lot of chocoLate, not only in Bern, but pretty much everywhere we went, including every Co-op store in every village we passed through. Once she had packed her chocolate, we pretty much couldn’t lift the suitcase. Clearly it was going to take two of us to manhandle it off and on trains. This also meant that we couldn’t quickly get it off and on the cable car, not up and down the stairs. We had to wait for elevators. And that took just enough time to make us miss those very precisely timed connections. We have a new strategy for our next train trip: run like hell and sling that monster suitcase around using both of us and enlisting big burly men when necessary. 

Ellen had planned a hike to Schwarzhorn after our arrival in Grindelwald, but here too the best laid plans died an early death. First, Julie and I checked in, then we went shopping. Yes, we bought even more chocolate. Lots more. Julie’s suitcase is so heavy now that she has to wear her hiking boots, even on the airplane home. Then we had a nice lunch in a local cafe. Then we found Ellen waiting for us at the train station. The bus to Grosse Scheidegg had just left and basically, all the various shedules put paid to the hike she had planned. Truthfully, even if the bus connections had worked out, it was so hot that a hike of that magnitude would have been really, really hard. 

Decisions had to be made. Ellen’s turned out to be the easiest and was based on one precept: get me the heck out of town. Julie also had a simple requirement: whatever will cool me down. Me? Hell, just point me in the direction of a hill. 

So, Ellen and Julie hit the river path. I went up the trail in the direction of Pfinstegg and Baregg. I was 10 minutes into the hike and ripping wet. I slogged on. Blessed shade at last – and some nice views:


 And I would post more photos, but the Internet has slowed down so badly, I have given up. Is that due to rain and thunderstorms? Could be. No matter. I did not make it all the way to Baregg – just Pfinstegg, and that felt like enough of a feat in the heat. Nice to have a semi-rest day. Tomorrow is the big one and even then, we will take the bus up part of the way, given the heat. 

 On the other hand, this rain may cool things off. We have so many options including three ways to get to the top of the Faulhorn. Finals decisions can wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, we have another huge choice to make: where to go for dinner – yup, life is hard. 

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