Eiger trail


I’m pretty sure that today was my favourite day so far. On a scale of 1 – 10, let’s call it a 9.5. I have to leave a bit of wiggle room there to leave space for even more epic days. 

We headed to the train station at 7 am and were in Grindelwald and heading out at about 8. Our route was up along the north face of the massif in front of us, eventually linking us to the Eiger trail that skirts the base of the famous peak. What a treat of a day! It seems that Julie and I have now acclimatized to the altitude and were going strong. Looking at the maps, I estimate that we gained about 1700 elevation by the time we were done at about 3 pm. 

At any rate, we climbed up some amazing rocky bluffs and up a ladder that had really scared my last year. This year it was a piece of cake! Hurrah for expansion of comfort zones!

The trail went on and on, even past a training area for climbers and climbing guides. 

We couldn’t stop taking pictures. It seems that every 10 steps we took, another beautiful vista opened up. I think we knew this was a our favourite trail (Julie and I for sure) pretty early on. 


And then there were the ice caves and a huge selection of waterfalls and creek crossings. 


We eventually wound our way up to the climbers wall on the north face of the Eiger. This is where the ladders started and a real high point – literally. A perfect place and time to have lunch. We had no sooner finished our wonderful, so tasty sandwiches than the clouds started to roll in and a sprinkle or two of rain hit us. When we finally got back down to Kleine Scheiddegg we had a choice: take the train back or hike down to Wengen for a couple of hours. Ellen opted to hike. Julie and I figured, hey, we’ve done this thing! Let’s have a relaxing evening at home with time to cook a good dinner ( not to mention shopping at the Co-op). Clearly the right choices for all three of us. 

And so – one more day here in Muerren and then it’s off to Grindelwald. And there are several hiking choices on the table for tomorrow. Decisions will be made this evening – or tomorrow. These are the best and happiest choices because we simply can’t make a wrong one. Meanwhile, let me leave you for today with the summit shots at the Eiger. 


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1 Response to Eiger trail

  1. Ursula says:

    Thanks so much for your posts and pictures. It sounds like an amazing trip. Hiking in those beautiful hills and world famous chocolate to keep things sweet.

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