Bern and hiking in Wengen


This was the plan: Ellen to hike up the Schilthorn and Julie and I to take the train to Bern – do a bit of shopping and view the old town. Is it any surprise that our first stop was the Laederach chocolate store? And further, is it any surprise that we spent a fair bit of money there?

I also bought an extremely cool Swiss army hunter’s knife. I just dare any bear to come and bother me in my tent now. 

It didn’t take long for Julie and I to be done with the city, although there were a few fine bits:


We were back on the train at noon and while Julie opted to head back home for a relaxing afternoon, I headed up to Wengen for some afternoon hiking. Well, here’s the thing: Wengen gets the afternoon sun. Hot? Oh my gosh! I stayed in the trees as much as I could – clearly not always possible n the alpine regions. 

So, I did the hike, stopped at the bakery for bread and treats and, while waiting for the train, broke into the first piece of Laederach chocolate I’ve had since almost a year ago. I probably don’t need to describe what it tasted like – not if you know my proclivity for really excellent Swiss chocolate. Happily it had not melted in my backpack, but had merely attained that state of softness where it melts a second or two after you bite into it. And yes, I downed more of it than I had planned on – and I dont’t care. It’s just that good. Hmmm – seems that was probably the highlight of my day. 

But I’ll be pulling my socks up tomorrow: literally and figuratively. Huge hike planned from the ground at Grindelwald all the way to Eigergletscher, hiking along the north face. Exciting! And a pretty darn early start. 

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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