Seffinenfurgge and Bryndli


I suppose the best place to start this post is with sunrise: this is the glory I woke up to this morning. The day could only get better from there. This was the day to tackle Seffinenfurgge, the second highest pass on the Jungfrau mountain route. Although they day was forecast for perfect hiking weather with no clouds, there were just a few, particularly in the direction of the pass. So, here’s the thing about this pass: the clouds love to hang in there. When I climbed up there last year, I couldn’t see a thing on the other side. So, I promised myself then that I would come back (sort of like Arnold) and do it in good weather

We set off at 8. The day was gorgeous 

We hiked on up around the side of Bryndli, a very cool rock mass. 

Then on to the Rotstockhutte. It is from this place that the real uphill begins

This was our destination:

And the hike along the way was gorgeous! Needless to say I took a zillion photos along the way. It’s impossible to point your camera and not get something really gorgeous in your lens


Now, here’s where pure blind luck was once again on our side: this clouds were moving in! We made it to the top at about 12.15. I madly snapped photos. By 12.30 there was very little visibility left. But I did it! I got to see the other side! So worth it!

And then we settled down for lunch. Ellen thought she would face the news view – and continued to insist that she could make out some faint outlines of mountains through the clouds

Julie, on the other hand, decided to actually sit where she could see an actual mountain

And so it looked something like this:

Ellen noticed a trail continuing along the ridge and explored for just a bit (was I surprised? Um – I think I am getting to know her a bit now, so, no). That said, if it had been sunny in our little corner of the Alps, I suspect we would all have wandered the ridge to the end. 

But we headed back down, with the intention of taking a different trail back to Muerren over a grassy ridge. Along the way, gorgeous flowers and vistas:


And then we got to the top of the ridge. That’s when Ellen discovered that you could hike to the top of Bryndli, that huge, craggy piece of rick. I’m going up there, she said. After a very small discussion regarding alternatives for returning to Muerren from the top of Bryndli, we all decided, oh what the heck, let’s go. And so we began out approach. 

I spent the next 20 – 30 minutes thoroughly outside my comfort zone. The trail was, as Ellen put it, our own personal Via Ferrata without being clipped in. Where the drop-offs were sheers, there was a wire to hang on to. The trick, of course, was not to look down. But I figured, if I don’t keep going a challenging myself, I can’t expand that zone. And happily, we made it to the top, which was immensely cool!

And my heart only slid up into my throat once on the way down, so I figure that’s pretty good. And seriously, I love that Ellen suggested it – it was that highlight of the day. After that, it was simply down all the way, a stop for groceries on the way home and a glorious pulling off of hiking boots as soon as we got back – followed almost immediately but the large consumption of good Swiss chocolate. 

And that last photo is just for the fun of it. Stay tuned for more fun and comfort zone stretching to come. 

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