Mannlichen and more


Today was officially our rest day – which meant 9.5 hours of hiking with an approximate 1500 metre elevation gain. Now, don’t get me (or us) wrong – none of this hiking was really intentional. Let’s just call it the accidental hiking day. 

We had planned on Seffinenfurgge but the weather station promised dire thunderstorms starting at noon. Fine, we said: we’ll do a little hike above the village and then take the trail to Interlakenhoheweg for some shopping. We were about to leave T about 8 when the sky turned clear blue. No, I said, let’s do the hike we had planned on! But saner minds prevailed. No they said, just because it’s nice now doesn’t mean it won’t pour down by noon. I suggested Plan C: if it was still beautiful out by the time we got down to the valley to catch the train, we would take a quick train ride up to Wengen on the other side of the valley and then do a quick hike up to Mannlichen, over to Kleinne Scheidegg and then back to Wengen to catch the train. 


So we began out leisurely morning stroll – caught some beautiful flowers along th way. 

Then, down to Lauterbrunnen. We checked the sky: it was as beautiful a day as we had seen since we had been here. Plan C was put into operation. We hopped the train to Wengen, arriving at about 11.30. I think it’s about an hour to the top, I said. We found the hiking sign: 3 hours and 15 minutes. Hmmmm. 

Well, we might as well head out and see how far we get. Up we went. And I do mean up. 

The views were wonderful. And it was hot – very hot. I drank a bottle of electrolytes to keep me going. And we made it to the “almost top”, meaning the top of the ridge. Then Ellen and I said, of what the hell, let’s make the final spring to the actual top. Well, maybe not a real spring – likely more a slow trudge. But we did it! Topped out at about 2.30. Lunch never tasted so good. And we felt pretty good about it too. 

From the ridge, which we walked to Kleine Scheidegg, we had great views down into the Grindelwald Valley. 

And finally , yes finally, I was truly able to burst into a rousing chorus of Edelweiss, because – well, because there it was:  


And then we booted it back. The clouds finally rolled in. But before it began to rain, I got some photos of the mountains. 


And we didn’t even get badly rained on – and even then we were only an hour or so from the train station. And what better way to end a long day (of rest) than by chomping down on a huge hunk of the world’s best chocolate (my opinion). 

We did manage to dash into two shops before boarding the train in Wengen: Julie bought a watch for her son and I bought two amazing fresh crusty loaves of bread from the bakery. Guess what’s for dinner?

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