Big day today, especially considering altitude, jet lag waking up a few times in the night ( bathrooms, helicopters landing nearby and remembering to take the butter out of the fridge at 2 am)  so – the day:

We were up madly early and by 7.45 were as trail ready as we would ever be. I had planned one of my all time favourite hikes to Überhornsee. I also planned a different route from the one I had taken previously. Well, the good news is that it took us under a very nice waterfall and down some neat trails; the bad news is that it added about half an hour to our hiking time. But who’s counting?

I know that I was feeling the heat and altitude and just the plain strenuousness of the hike. I’m pretty sure Julie was too. Ellen is a machine, but one of the nicest I have ever met. We stopped for a snack on the ridge and kept hiking – up, then down, then up and, well, you know, up. 

After 5.5 hours we reached the lake, just as the clouds rolled in and the thunder began to rumble. So it got a bit wet, meaning a truncated lunch. Proud of our achievement regardless  no idea of elevation gain. My guess is certainly something over 1000 metres, perhaps a lot over 1000 metres. And we survived. Also survived watching a man take ALL his clothes off at the lake to plunge in. Pure glacier water. Did he survive? Yes. Did he stay in the lake long? Um, no. Oh, he did change into a bathing suit. Nice butt. 

Next: a long hike back down to the valley to the village of Stechelberg where we completed our 9 hours. And there we got on a bus to Lauterbrunnen, where we found some lovely chocolate ( clearly one of the highlights of the day) and then back home -managed to get home just before another thunderstorm struck. 

Important highlights of the day: fabulous morning weather, stunning scenery, lovely people on the trail, friendly goats and just plain fun. 


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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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