More on Indianhead/Drabble

IMG_8383_FotorFirst – thanks to Linda Hamilton for the group photo on top of Mount Drabble.

Next – a quick trip report at a crazy early hour of the morning – but then, I woke up shortly after 4 a.m. – and I couldn’t get back to sleep. In less than an hour, we’re off to Crest Mountain.

But, back to yesterday. After so many weeks of hot, sunny weather, we drove up to the trailhead and a cold wind and occasional drizzle. With a truck at each end of the hiking loop, we didn’t have to contemplate a long hike on logging roads – so that was good. We were in a gorgeous old-growth forest quickly – hiking gently uphill and detoured to a cabin before heading directly for Indianhead. The trail is marked but not well brushed out. In other words, wet. And yes, I was wearing shorts. My explanation, as I gather more and more scratches, is that I’m getting my “summer legs.”

We passed by some lovely lakes and trans and a few great viewpoints.

Th top on Indianhead is undulating and large – on a warm, sunny day, it would have made for lovely exploring. But we devoured a fast lunch as the rain increased and bushwhacked down to Slingshot Meadows. Luckily, the sun kept trying (and occasionally succeeded) in coming out to dry us off before the next shower.

Across Slingshot Meadows and then up the usual route (read – flagged and booted in) to the top of Drabble. The real fun was coming down the other side. Really beautiful – even in the mist and rain! The whole top and sides of Drabble are covered in tarns with long views in all directions. Loved it.

And then – back to the wilting truck – hurrah!

Linda was a super leader. Such fun. Such wonderful people to hike with!

And now – the next one….


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