Triple Peaks


We had a beautiful two days: Paul, Julie, Penny and I. We left early and drove out to the trailhead for Triple Peaks – set out on the trail at 11.30 a.m. With full packs weighing up to 30 pounds (more for Paul) we took our time. It’s a steep trail and I was very conscious of keeping my balance. Almost three hours later, with only one or two scratches (me, of course) we topped out at the lake.

To call it beautiful is to make a gross understatement. The first chore was to find a level place to set up our tents. We finally did and hove to. Paul, Penny and Julie did great with theirs. Mine, for some reason, seemed to slope madly. I thought that might be okay. But after sitting down inside and sliding to the foot of the tent, I thought sleeping could be a bit of a challenge, unless, of course, I preferred to sleep in a little heap at the bottom left corner of my tent.

We found a flatter spot and with one person on each corner, simply lifted the darn thing and set it back down.

Then it was time to explore. The original plan called for us to go up to the second lake. The way up seemed pretty obscured. Instead. we went toward the peak. After about 20 minutes or so (maybe longer? Who knows – I don’t wear a watch) Penny and Julie decided to sit in the shade of some rocks. Paul and I scrambled on. It was the usual same old same old – let’s just go to the next outcropping. How about we stop when we get to the big boulder up there? Eventually we could make out the scramble to the two right-hand bumps at the base of the peak spires. Of course, that would take another 45 minutes. But the route looked oh so very accessible. We thought about it – me probably more so than Paul. I can’t express how tempting it was. But we were also not about to leave Penny and Julie languishing for another hour or more.

So we turned around and left it for another day. (a good excuse to go back).

Back at camp. we watched the sunset, played some tunes on Paul’s iPone and did a wee bit of rock dancing. Yes – a real party! And then, to bed. I slept reasonably well, except for the dream of a cougar trying to get me out of my sleeping bag. Hmmmm.

I woke up briefly in the dark and finally decided I really needed to see the stars. I didn’t actually go out but unzipped my tent and stuck my head out. Wow! The twin ribbons of the Milky Way spread themselves right over the peaks above us. And the rest of the sky was alive with stars. I haven’t seen anything like it in decades.

Then I was up shortly after sunrise to catch some more wonderful photos.

We had a leisurely breakfast. Some of us (Julie and Paul) swam in the lake. I heard shrieks about the frigidity of the water. Was not tempted to follow suit. We took our time going down. It’s not easy with a big pack on your shoulders threatening to push you forward. All was well though – until about 20 seconds from the end. “Watch out – I just got stung by a bee, Penny yelled to me.

Okay, I said. Two breaths later they swarmed me. A cloud of bees – sting after sting. One on my right nipple. THAT HURT! Yes, I screamed – loudly. Scared the s$#t out of Paul. (I felt rather embarrassed about the screaming – but it was such an automatic reaction.)

Someone said toothpaste would help. I smeared toothpaste around and yes – miracle cure! Hurrah!

Wonderful, wonderful two days. I fear I am becoming completely addicted to camping. It’s a very beautiful and wonderful thing!

P1050225_Fotor P1050236_Fotor P1050243_Fotor P1050260_Fotor P1050262_Fotor P1050263_Fotor P1050265_Fotor P1050268_Fotor P1050273_Fotor P1050277_Fotor P1050280_Fotor P1050288_Fotor

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  1. Linda knight says:

    Wow!! Beautiful!!

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