Sunday in the garden



Thanks to Ginny for this photo of me fighting my way through the fern forest on the way up Mt. Becher. What a beautiful day that was! – just yesterday.

Today was another type of day altogether  good and beautiful in its own way. I have spent a good deal of time thinking today – and that’s not such a bad thing.

But first, I also spent a lot of time doing – not easy in this crazy heat wave. (but I adore it!) I was up earlier than I wanted to be, but what’s to be done when the sun pours into your bedroom at 5.30 a.m.? I managed to get a ton of chores done, including watering the garden before heading to the farmer’s market at 10. The good thing is that now that my garden is producing, I’m not spending nearly as much money there. Better, however, is that I’m spending it at the market rather than the supermarket.

More gardening when I came home and I even got ambitious enough to wash and vacuum the car before lunch. I had a lovely nap after lunch and then a long talk with Julie.

Then – off to Cable Bay and back for more gardening: of the best variety – that means picking a bucket of strawberries and a bucket of lettuce. Dinner tonight: salad with fresh rye bread and a bowl of berries. Simple? You bet! Delicious? Nothing better!

So – walking with Abby today I thought a lot about love and friendship and relationships and all that good stuff.

This does not mean that I have come to any conclusions.

But I have decided that I am hugely in favour in love. Well – maybe not decided. I have always been in favour of love. But, as I have matured, I have begun to see a different vision of it. It starts with genuinely liking someone. I think the liking is the roots. If you can build love from liking, respect and appreciation, I think the love will flourish and last.

And love doesn’t have to be  all about relationships: love of a friend can deepen and grow. At this point, my heart swells when I see my friends genuinely happy. It makes my heart grow.

I am at the point where, for me, love means giving love and taking joy in that. In each of us there is a bottomless well that can never run dry. In fact, the more I give, the more there is to tap into. And the love I give to others, extends farther and farther. I have genuine love to give to nature and all its creatures. I can fall in love with the world.

I also love the idea of having a one-on-one relationship again one day. But the joy I get from my friends and my hiking and my intimate association with nature is so fulfilling that the idea is enough.

I don’t feel that I am missing out on anything in my life. Most of all, love and happiness are a decision. I can wake up every morning and decide to be happy and to experience love. Simple as that.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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