Landslide Lake


No post last night – making up for it this morning. Why no post yesterday? Well, when I got home at about 9.30 p.m., all I wanted to do was upload my photos (couldn’t wait to see them) and go to bed.

I think it’s clear from the photos that it was a wonderful day. The company was amazing. I swear, the take a hike folks are simply the best. Love them totally! Proud to be one of them.

At any rate, we set  quite a pace – making the hike in and back in under nine hours. As I recall, it took us 9.5 last year. The forest was beautiful and we were so fortunate to have had a fresh snowfall the day before – so all the mountain peaks were dusted with icing sugar.

Lunch at the top, a quick turnaround and hoofed it back to the parking lot. I have to admit, the walk got a bit old about halfway back. There comes a point in a long day when you just want it over with.

Bonus: five of us decided to have dinner at the Fanny Bay Inn on the way back. Turned out it was jam night with classic 80s rock. Did we have fun? Well – duh! Kevin bout the meat draw raffle tickets and won! Heck – does it get to be any more fun than that? Oh yes, a bit of chair dancing seemed to be going on too.

Today is a day of rest – also known as getting out in the garden and catching up on my weeding. I think that if I decided on anything more strenuous than a couple of short walks today, Abby would pack up her toys and treats and leave home.P1040181 P1040185 P1040187 P1040200 P1040202 P1040203 P1040204 P1040205 P1040206 P1040207 P1040210 P1040211 P1040212 P1040216 P1040217 P1040218 P1040219 P1040220

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