Mount Horne and Mount Wesley and Wesley Ridge


Today just three os us “crazy people” hiked in what started off as very “iffy” weather. First destination: Mount Horne. This was steep. We set out at about 9.20 and got to the top shortly after 11. We took the obligatory summit photos (just the cairn – no view – clouds thick as molasses) and got little tushies back down off that very windy top as quick as bunnies. I mean. very windy. Halfway back down, rain – not much, but enough to pull out our pack covers and put rain hoods up.

Luckily, it didn’t last. We came back down to the saddle and headed up Mount Wesley. Steep. (sigh) I think we got to the top at about 1.15. Lunch never tasted so good. Especially since, at that point, the high winds had managed to blow most of the clouds away and we actually got a few rays. Exciting!

Then we headed out along the ridge, concentrating on finding the flagging and not getting lost. Clearly we were highly successful! We had four dogs in tow, and I think at least some of them (Abby) were wondering when this was ever going to stop, especially after we came down a couple of hundred metres and then had to regain it all. Such is the nature of ridge walks.

The sun got brighter and brighter. I got happier and happier – all those good endorphins from a combination of  elation at doing it all, just plain old being out hiking in nature and the glorious sunshine.

We got back to the far parking lot at about 5.10 – so 7.5 hours in all, a good hour faster than I thought we would be. Then, because we had to shuttle cars. Three people and four dogs clambered into a tiny little Japanese make hatchback. It was cozy – and it did the job of getting us back to the other cars very admirably.

I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a first day of spring more. Carola nd Lisa are the most wonderful hiking partners!

Joy reigns supreme – especially now that I have had a bubble bath. Really – does life get any better?

P1040066 P1040070 P1040073 P1040075 P1040076 P1040077 P1040081 P1040082 P1040084 P1040085 P1040088

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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