Light at the end


It has been a light-filled day, in many ways.

First, the most obvious way is evident in the photos – light streaming from the sky: sunlight in a bluebird sky. A gorgeous day for a delightfully  unexpected long walk with Abby this afternoon – thanks to some shuffling around of interviews at the last minute.

Also light for the future of my work. It’s a wonderful and miraculous fact that when I want something and really make up my mind about it, it comes about much faster than I could have planned. And this is a wonderful thing.

If I ever want to know about what is really important to me and what I really want, I only have to look at what is coming into my life – and particularly about what is entering it like a speeding bullet train. And, oddly enough, even though it’s not “supposed” to work this way, it seems that when I am clear about what I don’t want, things move even more quickly and decisively. I must keep this in mind.

At any rate, my plans are to go down to a three-day work week this summer and to give up the monthly theme stories I do for the paper. It seems that this may happen pretty quickly now. If Beth says, “yes” then I will hand off the next themes to her, mentor her along the next few months, and then start handing off the other stories too until by August I am working three days. I hope to do no more than five stories a week.

I imagine I will be happy doing this for years: three days of work, three days of hiking and one day of either begin a complete sloth or working in the garden – hopefully a combination of both.

To say I am happy at this prospect is a giant understatement.

Now then, as I sit here in peace and joy, it’s time to formally plan my hikes for this weekend – I have some postings to do. And I have some amazing vacations to plan: no, I ma not talking about this year but the next two years. I have some fabulous adventures awaiting me!

P1030893 P1030895 P1030897

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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