Forbidden Plateau


Our hike on Forbidden Plateau didn’t go quite as planned – and that can only be a good thing. It’s the unexpected that brings adventure. Seven people and three dogs – an excellent group for a winter hike! We started off as expected – micro spikes digging beautifully into compact snow and crusty ice. And then, about half an hour or so into it, we got far enough into it for all th rain we had here (snow up there) to make itself felt. There was a LOT of new snow, enough that we all wished we had brought our snowshoes. But no matter, we kept on.

Our original destination was Moat Lake or Cruickshank Canyon, depending on conditions. But the snow was so deep and the going so tough, that we were glad to make it to Kwai Lake for lunch and then back via Helen MacKenzie.

I did get stuck down a hole at one point (sigh) and at least I provided amusement. Let’s see – two of our group tobogganed down a slope, one on a thermal sheet and the other on a plastic garbage bag. Everyone slipped and slid a few times. Bottom line? it was as perfect a day as I have ever seen up on the mountain. The sky was insanely blue and the sun so warm we could all have simply kept sitting and sunbathing well past lunch. But then a helicopter would have had to fetch us – or drop off a chef, picnic tables and luxury tents so that we could have glamped the rest of the weekend.

Madly happy right now. Tired and happy – just the best way to be.
P1030848 P1030854 P1030856 P1030859 P1030860 P1030863 P1030864 P1030867 P1030871 P1030873 P1030880

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