Mount Benson climbers route


What a wonderful day! But then, I was hiking, so how could it possibly be anything but wonderful. What’s more, it was also an adventure. So that made it even better.

Three of us headed up the Mount Benson Climbers Route – that meant crossing the waterfall, which was in much fuller spate than I had seen it recently – given all the recent rain, that came as no surprise. What was a surprise was that when we crossed the waterfall, I stepped in up to my knees. Thank goodness for wool socks: warm feet even when they’re wet!

And then off we went. As soon as we hit the ridge we also met the snowline. This was very wet and slippery stuff. At one point, it seemed that for every step I was taking up, I slid down two. Hence, instead of a three-hour hike, we were 3.5 hours. But we made it to the top, even though the trail tended to be obscured and even though I lost it at one point and we spent some time trying to find it. And, yes, we did find it.

Just one more adventure!

And then there we were at the top and the clouds began to part and views opened up and it was perfectly perfect! The way down was gloriously snow free.

My gosh I’m happy. I would be happier still if I had not come back to an inbox spilling over with panic writing assignments. But I did what I needed to do with them: flagged them for handling on Monday!!!


Tomorrow we’re off to another adventure in Strathcona! So excited!

Hiking is just the best! Hiking with wonderful people (like today – thanks, Del and Kevin) just adds so much enjoyment. Yup – feeling on top of the world!P1030801 P1030803 P1030822 P1030825 P1030827 P1030829 P1030832 P1030833 P1030837

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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