Just another day at work


All of today’s photos ae courtesy of the brilliant Lorne Collicut, including Stef falling and Linda and I laughing (how unkind of us!), Abby tied up at lunch because , being Abby, it’s necessary, and various group shots. If we look inordinately happy, it’s because we were.

Then there is yesterday’s story of me losing my mind. Linda and I drove back to the meeting place where she had left her car – me in the driver’s seat. As we got to the parking lot, she pointed out where her car was parked. I scanned the large lot and finally said, “But where is my car?”

“You’re driving it,” Linda said.

Yes, I banged my head against the steering wheel.

No excuses – just temporary insanity.

And then there is today: I said no to a whole series of assignments. I put out a post making a four-day work week official. And I got my work done for today even though, with various people away because of illness at various businesses, I had to do some juggling of the week’s schedule.

But all looks fine. Night hike tomorrow up Mount Tzouhalem and lot of hiking on the weekend. And no, I am still not 100 percent sure how the summer holidays are going to play out. I am still a bit torn. I know I will not do six weeks – three or four. Maybe I wills tay in Europe after the two weeks when Julie leaves and head down to Italy – I do so want to do more hiking in the Dolomites. Or maybe I will come back home and do another week in Whistler.

I have a couple of weeks to make my decision.

At least I can derive comfort from knowing that this is a “good” problem to have – like choosing between my two favourite brands of chocolate.10450315_10204497518252636_6086669607136933311_o 10926303_10204497528292887_5637893783669972053_o 10931465_10204497531332963_745272427925112305_o 10923775_10204497535933078_4886323896048755192_o

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