Better news



All right then – yes, healing is a process and I suppose that it can have an occasional setback. So, today I am delighted that the arm is better again: not perfect – far from it – but much better than yesterday.

I think I was pushing too hard. I was lifting objects that were possibly too heavy and working it against pain. My big objective has been to get my arm fully flexible behind my back and I think I was working that too hard. Right now, it feels much, much better. However, I also have a strong feeling that when that original doctor at the Comox hospital yanked my broken arm around for a good 30 minutes before sending me for an X-ray – he did some damage. When it hurts, I can hear and feel it popping in and out.

I can only hope (and expect) that this will sort itself out with time. I certainly trust my own instincts much farther than I do anyone working in the medical field. I wish I had been more pro-active in the hospital and told that idiot doctor to stop.

Lesson learned.

Right now, I’m excited about the weekend hikes that are planned: Mount Benson tomorrow, The CPR loop trail on Saturday and the Foothills on Sunday. Excellent! Meanwhile, I am juggling what feels like a million assignments right now – so far they are all under control. Whew!

I am also more strongly considering cutting Europe down to two weeks in Switzerland this summer – the Canadian dollar is plummeting and the Swiss Franc is going up – hmmmm. I have about three weeks to make a decision.

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