10428682_10153472041097501_2300429348065509073_nI know it’s back to same old, dame old when I feel madly frustrated; not that every working day is frustrating, but it happens often enough. And what gets me gnashing my teeth? Oh – same old, same old: being blown off, stood up – whatever you want to call it. It’s me, setting up an interview, calling at the appointed time (yes, I am always on time) and the person not being there, not calling to postpone, not offering an explanation and many hours alter, when I finally do track them down – not even offering an apology.

So – the entire morning was spent with me tracking someone down (unsuccessfully). I finally did the interview at 4.30 p.m.


This is what makes me want to quite, retire, throw in the towel, etc. etc.

The thing about writing a book is that it depends on my personal availability – and I am available to me. Yes I am. I keep my dates with myself.

I guess the above was a bit of a rant, and what’s really sad about it is that it’s an old rant. Been there, done that, written almost identical words before – more than once. What that tells me is that I either have to suck it up, shut up and put up with it – or change what I am doing so that this no longer occurs.

I opt for change. This summer. When I get back from Europe. Change is in the air. Until then I will suck it up. No more rants.

Today I thought that I should probably work at being a nicer, better, kinder person. I think I could do and be better. But I also think I will give this idea more thought. Am I being too hard on myself? This may require feedback from my friends. (gulp)


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2 Responses to Done

  1. Reagan Newcomb says:

    Hi Goody, agreed it’s a bummer when people don’t show up for scheduled appointments or meetings. Here’s a technique that I have had success with: Be preemptive with your interviewee. When you’re setting up the time with him or her, make a simple remark that you often have difficultly with people keeping their appointments with you, so if the time you’re each agreeing to isn’t the best, please say so now. In a very non-offensive and non-threatening way, this will: 1. Give the person the opportunity to give a second thought to the scheduled time, but more importantly, 2. Let them know that your time is valuable and it’s not fun to be left stood up. Worth a try!

  2. goodyniosi says:

    thanks Reagan – I actually let them pick the time – LOL

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