so this is how I got off the mountain yesterday.

YOU always think it won’t happen to you. Yesterday it did happen to me. I headed up to Mt. Becher with Lisa and Maureen at 8.30 and we set off up the hill in clear cold sunshine shortly after 10. It didn’t take long for us to start slipping and sliding. the rainwater had frozen on the rocks and the lakes were sheets of ice. But we hiked with care and went up. about 40 minutes from the top I hit a log crossing a frozen tarn. The end was icy and I flew up in the air, coming down hard on my left arm. I knew right away I wasn’t about to walk away from this one. Acute pain, nausea, all that stuff. when I finally stood, the world reeled. ALL i wanted to do was sleep – and then I started to shake like mad – shock setting in.

Maureen and Lisa were amazing. They wrapped me up, grabbed my pack, and started helping me on the long way down – this was going to be a very long trek.

Then we were overtaken by another group. Among them was Darren, a big guy and a former ski patrol man. HE took my right hand and didn’t let go for the next hour. HE walked most of it backwards and even lifted me over a couple of tough spots. my hero.

Others in his party called search and rescue and an RCMP helicopter met us at the T-bar and flew me to an ambulance and then the Comox hospital

Have you ever had a dislocated shoulder? If so, you probably know how much it hurts when it’s relocated. Now imagine having that done to you when your humerus is fractured. Yes, I yelled – a lot.

but it popped back in, x-rays were sent to Nanaimo, and i left the hospital wearing a collar and cuff – I will have a follow-up at the local hospital next week.

challenges – I have a few: sleeping sitting up – have to in order to keep the humerus in the correct position. Typing with one hand. – washing, getting dressed and pulling up a zipper, washing dishes preparing food – heck – just about everything!

BUT there are many blessings. I’m her and alive and warm and on the road to healing. I have so many offers of help. People are angels. Julie and Pat are walking the dog.

I am humbled by the help and offers of help – and I know that i will heal well and quickly. I will never be able to thank Lisa, Maureen and Darren enough.

AND now I will do my best to get some work done.10710501_10204936352158850_488657859876831335_o

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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