Yet more politics


Luck me – the sun came out while I took Abby for a walk in Hemer Park today – love seeing even a tin y glimmer.

But, as promised, let’s once again talk about politics.

First, the tragic shooting in Ottawa. I mourn the loss of a human being. I mourn, perhaps even more, the loss of our status as a peaceful country. I am so sad that we have a leader in our country who believes in war. And if he takes us to war, how can he expect anything else but retaliation of some kind?

Here’s what I think: we have no business interfering in the affairs of other countries. Leave the Middle East alone! And I say this to all countries: stop! I mean it: just stop. Get out of there. How would you feel if India or Japan came over here and started shooting at us and telling us how to run our government and our lives?

We have no right. Let them have their countries and their lives and settle their own affairs. Our job is to see to it that they don’t hurt us over here – but we just have to get out. Yes, I know I am simplifying. But we have to start with the simple things, then work it out. Besides, I am very cautious around complications – if it gets complicated, you’ll usually find there’s lie in involved in the very foundation of the thing.

Okay – that takes care of international politics. Now on to local. Mostly I suffered through the all candidates forum last night mostly because the moderator for the mayor (not Jeff Solomon, who was terrific) was very bad. Too much toastmaster technique? Too much ego? And why no questions from the audience – that’s where the to and fro-ing ought to have been.

At any rate, some candidates shone – others did not – and some in both categories were a surprise.

The next one is the Chamber forum – a much better format. That will be the telling one. The one conclusion I have drawn is that not a single one of the incumbents should still be there. We seriously need a clean slate and we have good ones to fill that slate.



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