Thoughts on Politics


I had two quick walks with Abby today – quick because I am madly busy, not only with my usual writing, but also with extra magazine work – and the current political campaign of course.

As you can see, this morning’s walk was sunny – there are no photos from this afternoon in the pouring rain. Is it my imagination or is this the wettest October ever?

But I digress from the title of this blog, which is political. For some reason, walking in the rain always seems to bring more thoughts than a sunny day.

Thought number one: why on earth are we not voting via email? I mean com eon – it’s the 21st century. We shop online – we do everything online. And then we complain about low voter turnout. Get with it, government!

Thought number two: too many people keep saying they will run this city like a business. For some reason they believe that government should operate like a business. Well – it should not. Business cares about the bottom line. The job of a city is to make life for the people who live and work here better – not to make a profit. Sure, be responsible, balance your books – but don’t treat it like a business – it’s not one. Make it a good place to do business, by all means – but government’s job (and this is thought number 3 through 333) is to protect and look after the interests of citizens, whether of the city or the country.

For some reason, this seems to have changed. Instead of protect people from the greed and manipulation of corporations, government appears to be protecting big business from citizens. It’s completely topsy-turvy. What happened to democracy? It’s easy to point the finger at money in politics, which, of course, is a big problem. But this has to stop. Government is the voice of people – not corporations.

We must restore our democracy.

And that brings me back to today and tomorrow and the rest of the days until we go to the polls on November 15. I surely do hope that people get out and vote. Voter turnout is crucial to a functioning democracy.

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