Really, really wet

P1020456Taking stock: here is what I have to report after going up Mount Becher by way of Slingshot Meadows on a rainy day: multiple scratches and bruises on my legs and especially my knees which are bloody and bruised; soaking wet everything right done to my underwear and even my fabulous boots – so wet I could wring them out; reasonably tired, not from climbing or hiking, but from bushwacking – literally – for at least two hours; wet and tired dog.

BUT – happy. Yes, of course happy, because despite it all, I persevered and did it!

The point is that going up Becher the back way is a bushwack. And – it rained – and the bushes were wet. Teh bushes were also high – like at least shoulder height. So I had to get through them and they dripped down my socks into my boots. (Goretex does not protect from that) Yes, I should have brought my gaiters – sigh. Although, truthfully, I’m not sure how much of a difference they would have made.

And that was me – can you imagine what it was like for Abby who had to plow through all this undergrowth (dense undergrowth) head first. She was so wet that her fast drying fur didn’t dry for hours!

Happily (here come the good part) the first part of the day was sunny and warm. It wasn’t until we got to the meadows that the rain began. So we slogged up getting wetter and wetter for two hours or so. Happily, again, it stopped raining on the last half-hour upward slope to the summit. We wer able to sit down, enjoy the fog that had rolled in, and have a well-earned sandwich. It was 4.5 hours to the top – and only 2.5 hours down the front side of Becher – in dry weather.

More happy news: it started raining again, five minutes after we got back to the car! How cool is that? And I had sandals waiting for my feet in the trunk! And it gets even better: after two years, someone finally did maintenance on the Drabble trail. The monster tree you had to crawl through and over has been chainsawed, as have three or four other awkward blowdowns!

Now – if I can restore my boots to a state of dry and waterproof after all this, I will be a very happy person.

I was also very happy to have a hot bath when I got home (after feeding the ducks who were waiting for me just under the stairs.)

At any rate, here are more photos: as you can see, even on a rainy, foggy, cloudy day, Strathcona is a thing of beauty.

P1020469 P1020466 P1020465 P1020463 P1020461 P1020458


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