Major Achievement

P1010605I did it!

I took advantage of a (mostly) rainy day to follow through on my urge to purge:

My car trunk and front seat are loaded and ready to go the to Recycling Exchange: all the clothes I haven’t worn in two years (some not in 20 years!); all my baking equipment, my Cuisinart, bowls, plates and various “stuff” from the kitchen; vases, clothes hangars – and – all the various connection cords for electronics: you know how those accumulate and whoever knows what they belonged to in the first place?

I burned years and years of newspaper clippings as well as old files – anything older than 1 years – gone! Puff! Up in smoke!

In the garbage: all those things I can’t do anything else with: old underwear and piles and piles of old makeup and makeup samples. Sugar went to the birds: literally. Mayo (unopened jar) to the neighbours. All my baking pans and equipment – recycle!

Years old dry goods into the green bin. Then I washed and scrubbed.

I feel so darn minimalist! And there’s probably more I can do but if there is, it will now be one small thing at a time – like emptying old spice jars and browsing through my junk drawer.

One day I may even go through my books and look at what I can give away. And believe me, I have a LOT of books!

I even managed to pick another bucket of lettuce and a ton of strawberries. Went to the market, walked with Abby – not a lazy day.

Feeling revved up. I adore throwing things away. Cleaning out! It’s so therapeutic!

You know what they say: nature abhors a vacuum (and, in my experience, she isn’t too fond of scrub brushes either) so new things will come my way. Knowing me, those won’t be material things. New ideas and experiences – I am so ready!


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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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