Oh Monday…. (and teachers and public education)


There you have it: a photo I call “after the rain.”

But enough os such frivolity. I began an interesting discussion with a friend on FB – a friend who is highly intelligent and who has children (an important distinction, because I do not) and whose viewpoints I pay attention to and value.

I was of the opinion that public taxpayer money should stay in the public school system and parents who send their children to private school should pay the full tuition – not have half of it funded by the public purse.

She was of the opinion that because education is mandatory, all children, including those in private schools, should be funded by taxpayers.

A good point.

My immediate reaction is that the poor people, as usual in our society, get the short end of the stick. So I’ve mulled it over. Here’s my response: yes, education is mandatory.  Rich people can send their children to the public school system and they will be doing what is mandatory. Once they choose to opt out of that system, they should pay the shot. No one said it was mandatory to send children to private schools. The problem is, that as soon as you pull those funds out of the public system, the public system suffers. We have seen this in Canada over and over. Private school students always perform better – get better grades, got to better schools – have smaller class sizes, get more one-on-one attention – and the list goes on.

The system is rigged to favour rich people. I believe that every child should have the same opportunities for advancement based on merit, not on how much their parents earn.

It’s like our precious health care system. If you set up a private alternative, the public system will suffer. Study after study has shown this. Look at the mess of the American system. Unless, of course, you’re rich.

It’s time to unrig the game. Right now, it starts when kids are two years old or younger, when rich people are signing their babies up for the “best” preschools. Let’s see poor people try to afford that – even if their babies are brilliant.

And I’m certainly open to hearing other points of view.

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