World Bankruptcy


I took a longer walk than usual today – and gave my full attention to solving the world’s problems – all of them!

You’re welcome.

So – let’s start at the beginning. We know that the system is broken – and by that I mean the entire global system in all its myriad dysfunctional forms. There’s also that interesting saying, “Money is the root of all evil.”

I wouldn’t discount the truth of that out of hand. The planet is about $4 trillion in debt – but to who, no one knows, unless there are alien bankers from another solar system we don’t know about.

Hers is my first immodest proposal: the earth should declare bankruptcy. Yup – just like that. All debt is revoked. All money is useless paper. May as well make a bonfire of it. Of course, that also means getting rid of all banks and banksters.

So – we start with a level playing field. In other words, everybody has the same, namely nothing. Oh sure, you can keep the material goods that you have: cars, clothing, art, books – not that any of it is worth anything, but you can go right ahead and keep it.

Next: do away with these silly, artificial borders and governments. I mean, really – in this day and age? We are no better than the middle ages where kingdoms went to battle. No different except in matters of scale.

How about real democracy: one world government democratically elected.. Sure this breaks down to more local levels: sectors, provinces, cantons, cities, towns, villages – each with local elected governments. Voting is done electronically – so easy to do globally. Terms of office: 1 year. Pay: well – there’s no money. right?

But wait: there has to be something other than barter – because that can get bulky when you go shopping.

So – let’s have a system of credits – and let’s call it money just for shorthand. The world government prints out paper money – as much as it wants because who cares? It’s really not worth anything. It’s just handy to carry around.

Let’s say you set a base that every person every month gets 3,000 credits (dollars). Parents also get child credits etc. This basic living wage is predicated on  set costs of food, rent and so on. In other words, everyone has enough to live comfortably.  No one has to work if they don’t want to, which means that no one has to work at a job they hate.

People will work. Why? Because they will get extra credits for work done – and those extra credits can buy them travel, cars – other “stuff” that other people who work, produce. Someone like me would write for a living. Other people I know would build things. Some people would paint and make music – some would be doctors or farmers. How do we know how much to pay them?

We decide, democratically: each profession is listed and people vote on how much value to place on each activity. This can be based on education needed, apprenticeship etc.

Government must set direction on sustainability. This is the most important and driving force. Incentives for sustainable energy, organic food and so on.

Crime? Why? Everyone has enough. Oh sure, there will always be an idiot here and there – we focus on rehabilitation.

The oligarchy is wiped out.

I know there are a million holes in this. It’s just a start. This idea needs a ton of input and brainstorming. But in our world today, I don’t for one minute believe that band aids will work. We have to do away with what we have and start over. I think it’s our only hope.

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