No, of course that isn’t a picture of Frankfurt – isn’t it great? Wile I was waiting at the station in Quedlinburg this morning to catch my train, this gorgeous old steam engine chugged into the depot to take on passengers for its slow sightseeing trip around the Harz. Pretty cool!

And I have to admit that on my walk last night before dinner, I found some back ways with wonderful photo pops like these:




Ad then, of course, Frankfurt. First, I’m staying at the Sheraton with a walkway right to the airport. Given I have to check in at 5.30 am, I thought that might be a good idea. I have a king bed and a huge room and it’s all good. This is the largest hotel in Europe and man, it’s big. I got lost twice going to my room and had to have staff help me. Yes, it’s that big.

The cool thing about Frankfurt is that it has an old town and it’s really quite gorgeous. In the last couple of days I’ve joined in a conversation with some folks from Nanaimo about what makes a good public square. I’m not going to rehash my arguments here, but I have to say that the square in the old town in Frankfurt is one of the very best I have ever seen. A square, I believe, should be a gathering place and full of life. This one fulfilled those requirements. Million times over. Cares, outdoor tables, a fountain, room to play, entertainers and heck, even a wedding and reception right on the square. Here are some photos:




See, I told you there was a wedding!

And there were churches. First, there was the big impressive cathedral:


And then there was the much smaller St. Paul’s church, and I think even moe beautiful. It had a serene simplicity that I admired:


And that’s about all folks. Picked up a huge salad and banquette for dinner in my room tonight and then it’s going to be early to bed. I am so looking forward to seeing my baby, Abby tomorrow. And then I can spend the entire weekend uploading my 600 plus photos to my computer and playing with them. Oh joy. And then there’s the semi-annual Valhalla Pure sale that starts on Saturday. Hmmmmmm

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