Interesting day


Don’t you just love the word “interesting?” No, it wasn’t a fabulous day and it wasn’t a dud. It was just plain interesting. I went with Plan B today, or was it C or D? Rather than get Ll complicated with buses and such, I just hopped on the train to Thale, a 12 minute (exactly) ride into the Harz Mountains. Thale is a very cute little town but that’s not why I picked it. It’s supposed to have a plethora of hiking trails.

So I set off up the highest ridge. From the top the view into the river gorge was quite impressive. Not Swiss Alps impressive, but you can’t compare landscapes. Each stands on it’s own merits and has a beauty all it’s own. I’d guess the Rosstrappe is about the same height as Mount Benson, maybe not quite as high. Heck, I didn’t even break a sweat going up. Well, it was only about 10 degrees that early so of course, I didn’t sweat. I didn’t
even take my jacket off until I was halfway up. From there I took a trail along a ridge for a couple of hours – and that’s where the “interesting” bit comes in. Most of the trail was through forest and pretty level. Not especially noteworthy. I spent a fair amount of time thinking my time today would have been better spent taking the old steam train around the area to visit other old villages and castles. The bonus was that I got some great exercise (like I really needed more exercise) and I caught the 2.15 train back to Quedlinburg and, on he train, broke into the new brand of chocolate I bought yesterday

I know that everyone raves about Swiss chocolate, and well they should, but what is often overlooked is the excellence of good German chocolate. And trust me, this brand is something very special. Went back to the shop for more of course. My suitcase gets heavier by the day.

I also had time to visit the toy and model railway museum – a real nostalgic treat. I had many reminders of my young childhood and that was surprisingly nostalgic in a very nice way.

I also popped into another church. This one was much newer than yesterday’s: built in the 1400’s:


And then – here comes the really good part – I had a nap!

Tomorrow I’ll be up early to head to Frankfurt and write my last travel post from there. You’re going to miss me, aren’t you? Not to worry, I’ll keep blogging, just not from exotic locations.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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