Be prepared! I am about to gush – to launch into a full-scale hyperbole attack! I am about to swoon. Why, you ask? Why? Did you look at that photo? If that doesn’t do it for you, how about this one:


Or this one?


Or maybe this one:


I could go on, you know. I took photos until I almost sprained my photo-taking finger. Look, here is one of the newer houses in Quedlinburg: built in 1660, I think it says:


And then of course, I visited the castle and church on the hill overlooking the walled town (yes, still walled) and discovered it was built in 900-something.


It just goes on and on – and I could go on and one, but if you want to know a ton of information about Quedlinburg, you can Google it. I can only give you my impressions. I was walking around like a drunken sailor because I was looking everywhere but at my my feet, and let me tell you, that is not a good idea when you’re walking on really ancient cobblestones. I feel like I have been dropped inside the fairy takes I inhaled when I was tiny, long before we came to Canada.

The cool thing is that there are other castles and villages in the area that are also awesomely cute and guess how I’m going to see them tomorrow? Yup, I am going to hike the countryside. The nice tourism girl figures 27 kilometres of walking should get me to the high points. Am I looking forward to this? Does Puff live by the sea?

Hey – here’s a piece of exciting news for me. On the train today, I read two German newspapers and understood about 90 percent of what I read! Feeling mighty proud!

One other reason to adore Quedlinburg: after living in tiny, single person hotel rooms, usually with a narrow single bed, my room, in a converted palace (small palace of course) has a room to swoon over. First, it’s really big; it has a queen bed; it has an enormous tiled bathroom with a double size shower. I have a bathrobe a fluffy towels and the whole thing is just fabulous. – all this at half the price I paid for the tiny rooms in Switzerland. Mind you, Switzerland is expensive. That’s just the way it is and I’m not about to complain because it’s got sooooo much to love, not least of which is the chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, I found a little shop here and bought a German brand that is new to me. As if I haven’t already purchased enough but then you have to ask yourself, is there really such a thing as too much chocolate?

I leave you with a pic of the easy way to see the town. The local town train:


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