But It’s Legal…



Every day I am reminded once again that everything Hitler did was legal.

It’s simple, if you want to do something that is against the law, change the laws. And the way Hitler did it is the same way our Western governments are doing it right now – one little “insignificant” law at a time.

It is now illegal to wear a mask at a peaceful protest. In fact, judging by the arrests of peaceful protesters in Nova Scotia right now, it seems that simply protesting is becoming illegal.

It started with the Patriot Act in 2001 when Americans foolishly allowed the laws to change in order to gain “security.” Of course, they did not get more security – just more infringement on their rights. And now a whistleblower, Snowden, is being accused of espionage for doing what anyone can see was the right thing to do.

Teh big problem in Germany in the 1930s was that people could see what was happening, but knew that if they said or did something, they would be tossed into jail – legally. Oh sure, we can self-righteously look back and say, “But they should have followed their conscience.” It’s the “I was only taking orders” defense.

But here comes history, repeating itself. We are all just taking orders right now, aren’t we? Look at how many people in the US think that the government is right to track down Snowden. He did what was right.

There coems a time when there is a gap between what is legal anhat is righthat will we do when we must choose? Will we choose what is right? Or will we choose to obey?

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