Veganism – it’s NOT hard



Talking about First World problems. On the radio this morning I listened to the dj’s discussing eliminating meat from their diets. One of them was appalled at the idea of going one day without meat. But what do you eat?

The second, who was a fish-eating vegetarian was trying to cut out fish too. “But it’s so hard!” she wailed over and over again.

I came very close to calling in and saying something like this: “Hard? You say cutting out animal food for your diet is hard? I’ll tell you what’s hard: not having enough food to eat – that’s hard. It’s hard to wake up hungry and have no idea how you are going to put anything into your stomach today. And it’s hard to goto bed at night (if you’re lucky enough to have a bed) with your stomach growling with hunger pangs. But hey – let’s not worry about that! Let’s just grow lots and lots of grains on land that could be used for “real” food so that we can feed it to cows and pigs and chickens that we can then eat. Let’s just keep mowing down the Amazon rain forest, otherwise known as the lungs of the planet, so that we can raise more cattle for McDonald’s hamburgers.

I’ll tell you what’s wonderful – having a huge plate of vegetables to fill your stomach – not just with tasty food but with good nutrition too.”

My rant could have gone on a lot longer. I’ve also heard people complaining about how hard it is to diet; how hard it is to lose weight; how hard it is to give up sweets – forgive me if I don’t sympathize, because what you are saying is that the “thing” (food, sweets, etc,) is stronger, bigger, more powerful that you are. I would always hope and believe that an intelligent human being is stronger than these things. Teh mind is very, very powerful. As long as you tell yourself, “I can’t” then that is true. The minute you tell yourself, “I can” then that is also true.

We make our own truths and realities. That is how powerful we are. We are not victims of food or advertising. We make decisions to listen to the advertisers and to “give in” to our cravings for certain foods.

The most empowering thing we can do is to take back all the power we have been giving away and make our own choices. We can choose to not eat meat and it can be a fun-filled, educational experience. It is not hard. What’s hard about fruit for breakfast, a fabulous veggie sandwich for lunch and a huge salad and/or a heaping plate of roasted or sauteed veggies for dinner? I promise you won’t be hungry. Hungry is hard. Eating fruits and vegetables is not.


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1 Response to Veganism – it’s NOT hard

  1. shalyn says:

    First world problems for sure. Recently someone was saying how hard it must be to mainly eat gluten-free/clean, to which I responded – nope I think it’s harder to eat unhealthy, that is what is causing the most problems in the world!

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