Oscars and Misogyny



After a terrific hike yesterday on the Westwood Ridges (see photo), I went home, fed the dog, stopped at Rocky Mountain for some fabulous chocolate, and headed to Jim and Pat’s place for Oscar night.

As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the broadcast and loved being right about almost all the awards. But today, I have become curious.

I dont’ know Seth McFarlane at all. I

d heard he was a bit crude. The broadcast began and i seemed fine. Not bad at all, I thought. Then he started singing, “We saw your boobs.” My initial reaction was shock. Then I became painfully embarrassed for every woman in the audience, especially when the camera cut to some of the women the song mentioned and their apparently mortified reactions.

I let it go. Everyone else was laughing. Maybe it was all okay and I was just being stuffy. So I started to laugh along with everyone else and let all the other misogynistic remarks of the evening wash over me. Yes, I was bothered the odd time – there were racist remarks and so on – but hey, it was all okay right?

Apparently not. Most journalists today have ripped into not only McFarlane but a culture that allows such drivel to be broadcast. My curiosity centres on my attitude. Am I so inured to this sort of talk and “banter” that it doesn’t bother me? Shouldnt’ I be offended?

Teh answer is, yes, I should be. Then I look back over my life, especially when I was in my late teens and early twenties – heck my thirties and forties and on it goes. I think about the time a client grabs my boobs from behind while I was editing a TV commercial – one of many incidents that I shrugged off because – hey – he was the client and I was a woman. I am used to the way it is. But I shouldnt’ be. I should be angry.

It’s good reminder for me. This is one of those times when I wish I had it to do all over again – from the time I was a little girl. I wish I knew then what I know now – I would stand up for myself. Oh yes, I would. Damn the consequences. Sadly, there would have been consequences – dire ones. I was fired form a job once because a man was attracted to me – and the female producer liked him – so she had the boss get rid of me.

I was hired back six months later when the female¬†producer left but that was the state of things. I think it’s better now – but not much. Not when we can have an Oscar ceremony whose opening number is ” I saw your boobs”

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