The Editing Life



The editing life is very different from the writing life.

Today I edited almost 100 pages. Yes, I’m pretty wiped but try to write that many in a day! Ha! If I write five or six pages a day I feel like I have really accomplished something. But editing has its own unique rewards. This is the first major editing job I have taken on.

I wasn’t going to do it originally. But I have complete faith in the authors and I think their book has the potential to have a big impact. Doing this kind of work also feeds into my major driver, which is achievement. I dont’ get that drive met until the job is done so once I get started on a project, I become rather obsessive and barrel ahead with it flat out.

My three major drivers are achievement, autonomy and admiration. The work I do is clearly perfect for getting those needs met.

So I’ve met my goals for today. I learned a long time ago how to manage my needs so that they work with me and not against me. With every single thing that comes my way I either do it, date it (I compulsively keep a daytimer, dump it (say no) or delegate it. At least 90 percent of the time I either do it or date it. As soon as it’s in my daytimer, I relax. I know when I’m going to do it and I’m smart enough to schedule it for a time I know I can and will do it.

All of this adds up to this being a great day. And I did not forget my priorities of walking twice with Abby – getting out and clearing the dust from my brain. I’ve got a pretty good handle on what works for me and how to manage my time.

I dated an assignment I got to tomorrow, dated a couple of calls until then and I feel content that I’m done for the day and can ut my feet up – great feeling!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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