New Year



I had a struggle this morning. My group of friends and I have a tradition of picking a word for the year – in other words, our resolutions are contained in one word.

I have usually found this an easy one – a word pops into my mind and it makes sense nad off I go with it. In the past, words have been “surrender”, “magic,” “love” – and so on. A bit like angel cards only we pick it deliberately and keep it for a year.

Today I listed what seemed like a million words – all of them resonated in part, but not entirely. I had insurgence, (trying to put the phrase “drawing a line in the sand” in one word), defiance, intrepid, candid, audacious – and so on.

I finally came up with it after I gave up and started folding laundry.

My word for 2013: Transformation.

Fro me that means many things on multiple levels. I want to see – and be a part of – a transformation in socity> I want to creat a society that is more equitable, more just, more tolerant and accepting.

I want to transform government to a paradigm of transparency, honesty and true democracy. I want to see the First Nations take a lead in our country and to band together with them to defeat what I see as a hypocritical and dangerous would-be fascist state.

Most of all, I want to transform myself and mean to. That doesn’t mean I don’t love who I am. Nor does it mean I don’t love my life. But I see more to reach for – much more. As Robert Browning said, “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for.”

So – bring it on 2013. Let’s begin this process of transformation!

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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