Well that’s about it for six or seven days. And those days are getting longer. This is important! Today is 6 seconds longer than yesterday (well, not the day, exactly – the daylight time) and tomorrow will be another 11 seconds longer.

Hurrah and Huzzah!

And now Christmas approaches. I do absolutely nothing at Christmas – oh, I do some charity work and give to charities (and I’m planning a fun pay it forward thing on Monday) but, being alone, I have given up on the whole Christmas decorating thing. I did it for years – went out and got a gorgeous tree and decorated it and hung around staring at it but when there is no one to share it with, that gets old pretty fast – especially when you have to take it down in the New year. Even at the bet of times, I have never enjoyed taking the tree down.

So now I do nada (except for the charity and secret Santa stuff)

And you know – that’s perfectly okay with me. We imbue the day with significance – and we can take the meaning out of it easily.

And that’s not to say that I didn’t adore Christmas as a child – and as a grown-up for all that. But the magic of my childhood Christmases – well, I don’t think they will ever be duplicated. It was after the war in Germany and we had nothing. We got hand-made gifts and cookies – even an orange if we were lucky! My father, happily, was very creative and built a wonderful little doll house for me and a grocery store for my brother. We had a tree with candles and my grandfather played Christmas songs on his violin. There was nothing like Christmas Eve with every church bell in the city ringing.

Great memories!

Today I am feeling insanely happy. Frist, because the nice folks at Apple solved my slow email problem with great expertise and ease. I like them a lot!

Second because there’s nothing to do but relax. We’ll be hiking this afternoon – then a hot bath – reading a good book. It’s all wonderful. Some time in the next couple of days I will download Love Actually again. I think I have seen it three times already and I never get tired of it. While I’m at it, I should also watch The Holiday again as well as Four Weddings and a Funeral. Happy films.


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