Hiking Mount Tzouhalem



We’ve hiked Mount Tzouhalem (The Zoo) from Providence Farm and from The Properties. I’d been wanting to do it from the Genoa Bay side for some time: today was the day. So we found the trailhead – after a bit of misdirection (directions online and from friends not accurate – in fact, utterly misleading).

At any rate, we found the trailhead – hoofed it up the trail and down the trail and found ourselves on a road after about half an hour. OOps, we made a wrong turn. Or rather, we kept going straight instead of turning at some badly marked (or completely unmarked) point. This did not come as a surprise as almost every single trail on Vancouver Island is badly marked or not at all.

Teh good news is that we backtracked and found the right trail. Even on a grey day, this is one of the prettiest trails I have ever been on.



The views were utterly gorgeous and I can only imagine what they would be like on a clear and sunny day. But it wasn’t just the views.. We hiked through some of the biggest garry oaks meadows I have seen on the island.



What I’m trying to say is that everything about this trail is beautiful. We have plans to do it again but with two vehicles this time, starting at Genoa Bay and hiking over the top of the mountain and picking up the second car at the Properties. I have a feeling that next hiking day for this trail is going to be a lot sooner rather than later.

There is nothing, but nothing, as cheering and soul gratifying as spending a day in nature, surrounded by beauty. Yup – it does me good. And Abby too – of course – look at the happy look on her face. ( Actually, she’s just wondering what’s taking us so long).DSC00247

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