Depths of December

Mazatlan 001


I really needed a sunset picture of Mazatlan today – anything to help me feel the warmth. It’s not even the light that I miss so much on a day like today – it’s the warmth.

Grey, rain, grey, rain – and that’s about it. And yes, I went out in it – I have a dog remember? And the dog just looks at me shortly after nine a.m. and says “Walk!” Being the well trained dog mama that I am, I dutifully pull on my rain pants (the ones with a rip in the seat), rain jacket, wooly hat, gloves, scarf – the whole kit – and off we go.

Mind you, it was only half an hour today and I have no idea what the back forty looked like today. I was hunched into my jacket, hands thrust into pockets, head down against the wind and rain, staring at my gumboot-shod feet.

So glad to get back inside. So – things to be grateful for: being indoors right here and right now. Gad – it feels so good!

It’s going to be a nothing day. I’m not going to write one word about Connecticut. There are enough pundits churning out thousands of words. None of them suffice.

Sometimes – more and more lately – it seems as though the entire world is falling apart. Is it worse? Has it always been like this? Am I just more acutely aware or is it really all coming to a head? Our governments are owned by corporations who seek nothing but profits and, in making those profits, destroy our land and resources. Canada’s prime minister is nothing but a shill for oil companies and cares nothing for this land or its people. Bankers fleece everyone and rub their hands in glee as people’s livelihoods are stripped away and entire nations tumble.

Terrorism? It’s not Al Qaeda – it’s the banks, the corporations and their government pawns.

So these things worry me. But I know that if I think about this non-stop, I will be very unhappy and live a stressed life. I also believe that by focussing on the evil, more evil will come our way. The idea is to find solutions and to focus on and enhance that which is good and beautiful. I think I succeed at doing this most of the time.

I am immensely grateful for my life. I am really blessed in so many ways – with good health, vigor, great friends and work I love to do.

It’s probably also time to be grateful for the rain that nourishes the earth – and for waterproof clothing that will allow me to hike tomorrow regardless of the weather.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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