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What an interesting day!

I’ve been working on the new book again now that frantic deadlines are behind me. But the finest thing that occurred today an interview with David Blackwood for the spring issue of Homes & Living magazine.

Blackwood is a world renowned artist – Order of Canada, Order of Ontario – and countless other honours. His prints and paintings are in every major collection in the country and even in Queen Elizabeth’s art collection.

He was born in Newfoundland and has spent most of the rest of his life in Ontario. I was writing about his upcoming (Spring) exhigition at teh Art Gallery of Greater Victoria this spring. The show is Black Ice. So, never having heard of the man, I Googled him. Wow! His prints (and his waercolours) are stunning! Really!

I was instantly so enamoured of his work I almost felt intimidated to talk to him. But we did talk and he was one of the finest interview subjects I’ve had the pleasure to talk to. But then, I’ve found that to be generally true. The more well known the person, the nicer they are.

I loved the 30 minutes I spent with him on the phone. He was inspirational, erudite and charming. I came away with fabulous quotes and a real appreciation for how adults can influence children. I suspect that he may not be the artist he is today if he had not been unabashedly and unreservedly encouraged and nurtured by his Kindergarten teacher and pretty much the entire community in the small community in Newfoundland where he grew up.

This was a community that truly appreciated learning and, when confronted with talent, jumped all over it – saw it as a blessing and a miracle.

So – it was a great day, mainly because I got to talk to a great man. And did I mention he was also humble with a charming sense of humour? Yup – terrific day!


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